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In Her Own Hand: Operas Composed by Women 1625-1913

A lecture by April Lynn James

Dr. April Lynn James broke new ground with her 2003 Harvard exhibit, "In Her Own Hand: Operas Composed by Women 1625-1913". This lecture recreates the exhibit for audiences. Through recorded music, readings from letters and diaries, pictures, and other materials, audiences follow the development of opera from 17th century Italian courts to the public opera houses of 19th century Paris. The journey centers on the re-discovery of little-known scores by women composers, including Francesca Caccini, Louise Bertin, Gabrielle Ferrari, and Maria Antonia, Electress of Saxony. Dr. James describes the challenges of researching and reconstructing narratives of these women - particularly if the only record that remains of a female composer is her work. She also discusses challenges she has faced as a producer and performer in bringing these works back before the public

This lecture is available from January 1, 2010 to June 30, 2015

Can be tailored to a high school audience

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  • Stereo equipment optional
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  • TV and DVD player, or PowerPoint Projection and screen required. Also, lectern required

Dr. April Lynn James

Independent Scholar, Classical Vocalist

Hailed by the New York Times as a “flash of beauty and inspiration,” Dr. April Lynn James is an award-winning scholar and performer with a PhD in Music from Harvard University. Her 2003 exhibit for Harvard’s Loeb Music Library, "In Her Own Hand: Operas Composed by Women 1625 - 1913" was the first in an American library on this subject. Articles featuring her have appeared in the New York Times, the New York Daily News, Time Out New York among others. As her alter ego, Madison Hatta, she has graced the stages of NYC’s legendary Cornelia Street Cafe and La MaMa Experimental Theatre, reciting original, whimsical sonnets about madness, Time, career & family dysFUNction and the importance of drinking tea.

Telephone: (347) 204-1425
Address: Hollis, NY  11423
Queens County
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