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Mozart: Child Prodigy, Adult Genius

A lecture by Miltiades A. Matthias

He lived in our midst like a wondrous, fleeting apparition, creating 754 masterpieces in less than 36 years (January 24, 1756 to December 5, 1791). Twenty-one operas; forty-one symphonies; forty-four concertos for a variety of instruments, including twenty-seven for solo piano; nineteen piano sonatas; eighteen violin sonatas; songs for solo voice or chorus; chamber music.

In this lecture, we will share biographical information, especially as it relates to Mozart's creative process, as well as a varied offering from among his pearly and poignant piano works. A golden stream of masterpieces: felicity and technical perfection rolling out of him with the effortlessness and inevitability of a natural process. Mozart was, for sure, a phenomenon truly unparalleled in the entire history of music: first compositions at six; toured Europe, astounding resplendent courts and celebrated musicians, at six and again at eight. He eventually settled in Vienna where, in spite of the recognition of his genius - and paradoxically because of the envy and rivalry it engendered - he died in poverty at 35. Yet once "out of the way," he soon joined the pantheon of the greatest musicians who ever ennobled our world with the beauty, the humanity, the splendor of their music.

This lecture is available from October 1, 2007 to June 30, 2015

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Mr. Miltiades A. Matthias

Pianist, Composer and Educator

Greek-American pianist and composer Miltiades Matthias studied music at the Royal Conservatory of Athens and at the College Conservatory of Music of the University of Cincinnati. Mr. Matthias was awarded the 1997 distinction, "Educator of the Year Through the Arts," by the Hellenic-American Educators Association. Mr. Matthias has given concerts across America and Europe. Recently, at Carnegie Recital Hall in New York City, he played piano works by the German opera composer, Richard Wagner, in world premiere.

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