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The Dalai Lama and Tibet: Myths and Realities

A lecture by A. Tom Grunfeld

Americans are fascinated with Tibet, yet they know very little of its history or its relationships with China and the United States. This talk explores the social and political myths and realities of this incomparable land and people.

This lecture is available from January 1, 2009 to June 30, 2015

Can be tailored to a high school audience

Professor A. Tom Grunfeld

SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor, Empire State College

A. Tom Grunfeld is SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor at Empire State College of the State University of New York. He is a historian who specializes in the teaching of modern East Asian history with an emphasis on China and Tibet. He has been traveling and living in that region since 1966. He has published several books and over 150 articles and book reviews including The Making of Modern Tibet. He has lectured and presented papers at academic conferences in numerous countries around the world.

Telephone: (646) 230-1248
Address: Empire State College, SUNY
325 Hudson Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY  10013-1005
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