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Abstract Expressionism and the African American Artist

A lecture by Jo-Ann Graham

This presentation explores the role of the African American artist in the historic and contemporary world of abstract painting. The program will impart a greater awareness of the breadth of paintings that have been created by African American artists. Too often, the common expectation is that Black artists' paintings are limited to representational works. This perception is often void of an informed awareness of the powerful and critically acclaimed work of Black artists who are abstractionists.

The presentation will include consideration of the works of first-generation abstractionists such as Norman Lewis, second-generation abstractionists such as Ed Clark, mid-career artists, and emerging artists.

This lecture is available from January 1, 2009 to June 30, 2015

Can be tailored to a high school audience

Setup Needed

  • Slide projector and screen required

Dr. Jo-Ann Graham

Jo-Ann Graham earned a Ph.D. from New York University. She was a professor at The City University of New York, where she was a department chairperson and head of humanities. Dr. Graham has served on the board of the Hammond Museum. She has also served with the Cinque Art Gallery, founded by Romare Bearden, Ernest Crichlow and Norman Lewis. The founding mission of the Cinque Gallery was to establish a not-for-profit institution that would be dedicated to enhancing growth opportunities for Black artists, to provide an exhibition space for the fine arts created by African American artists, and to establish an educational venue for the public.

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