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From Battleground to Empire State: New York and the Legacy of the War of 1812

November 18, 2:00 PM

A lecture by Alfred C. Ronzoni

The War of 1812 has been referred to as America's "forgotten war." But it was, in fact, the pivotal event in establishing the young United States as an independent nation, here to stay. Victories at the battles of Plattsburgh, Lake Erie, Baltimore and New Orleans gave Americans a new sense of confidence, pride and patriotism. This and the absence of another major war for the next thirty years gave rise to a remarkable period of economic, political, social and technological transformation much of which was spearheaded in the State of New York. This lecture will explore this legacy of the War of 1812 in the creation of New York as the "Empire State."

Farmingdale Public Library

116 Merritts Rd
Farmingdale, NY  11735-3262

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This lecture is a part of the Speakers in the Humanities program.