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Niagara Historic Trail Guidebook

March 1 - November 11

In celebration of the 200th anniversary of Niagara County, the North Tonawanda History Museum is collaborating with municipal historians throught Niagara County and a number of Niagara County historical organizations in a project to create an update of the Niagara Historic Trail which was created in 1975 as part of the 1776 Bicentennial. Museum programs this spring all reflect the Niagara Historic Trail. The update will be a permanent book style publication rather than a disposable one. It will include a focus on the history of the individual communities in Niagara County, using the Niagara Historic Trail as the concept to draw people throughout the County to learn about and appreciate both the shared and the unique history of the municipalities.The self-guided Niagara Historic Trail guidebooks are to be released for purchase early in the fall. The guidebook is intended to be used in conjunction with the cream and brown markers placed around the County as part of the original 1975 Niagara Historic Trail project and the 1991 revision. The guidebook project has been designed to provide for a permanent source of replenishment of the books and to permit easy updating as advisable in future years. They will be of interest to residents and students as well as to visitors of Niagara County and will be sold at the various cultural heritage venues, visitor's centers, Chamber of Commerce, and some libraries.For more information, visit .

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This event was supported by a grant from the New York Council for the Humanities.