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Cuba, France and The Canary Islands: Nivaria Tejera's Literary Exiles

March 5 - March 7

Cuba, France and the Canary Islands: Nivaria Tejera's Literary Exiles is a two-day conference that focuses on the discussion of literary works by Cuban-Canarian author Nivaria Tejera and her experience as a triple political exile. The distinguished participants will discuss Tejera's significance in the Hispanic and French Letters, while addressing various academic disciplines of the humanities, such as the historical context of her novels, the impact of repressive political regimes on the Arts, writers in exile and theoretical approaches to literature.In her diverse life experiences, disturbed by dictatorships, Nivaria Tejera achieves a unique literary expression that defies authority through the poetic word. Her work reveals the author's enduring search for a literary discourse that destroys the oppression she experienced throughout her life. The author resists authority by trespassing political, national, literary, linguistic, gender and genre borders both in her life and literary works.This event is free and open to the public.

Hunter College-CUNY

Lexington Avenue and 68 street, Room B126 West Building
New York City, NY  10021-5024

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This event was supported by a grant from the New York Council for the Humanities.