Community ConversationsCommunity Conversations

A Community Conversation brings together members of a group, organization or neighborhood to join in a facilitated discussion  of a short reading. The facilitator introduces thought-provoking questions and encourages participants to reflect on the issues raised by the reading and discuss how they impact our lives and communities.

Engaging in a Community Conversation brings people together for the purpose of sharing and listening. For participants, it can be a unique opportunity to meet neighbors and new friends. For host organizations, a conversation program can bring new audiences and build a site's capacity as a public forum. For students and teachers, it's a new way to approach standard material, encouraging individual insight and critical thinking.

Current events are an ideal place to begin a community dialogue. If you're interested in hosting a Community Conversation, please sign up using the form at right.

For more information, please see our Common Questions.

9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance

Download the 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance Community Conversations Toolkit.

Please visit our Common Questions page to find answers to frequently asked questions. The Community Conversations Admin page provides tools to help you prepare and host a Conversation, including flyer templates, program logos, an implementation checklist, a participant evaluation, and a parent letter to send home with students. The Council encourages you to register your Community Conversation at

Stipend Requirements:

Non-profit organizations in New York State are eligible to receive a $100 stipend for hosting a Community Conversation.

If you would like to receive a stipend to help defray the cost of hosting a Community Conversation, you must:

  • Submit your event date and time to the Council via our Event Submission Form at least three weeks before your event. (You will need to fill this form even if you included the date of your event on the registration form.)
  • Submit a host site evaluation within two weeks of your event date (available August 10 on the Community Conversations Admin page).

Stipends can be used to publicize your event, make copies of the text, or to offset the facilitator’s time.

You will receive the stipend within four weeks of submitting the host site evaluation.