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Learn about New York's leadership for the launch of a nationwide reading program for vets.
New to the Council's Project Grants? Looking for a refresher? Watch our new tutorial about the Council's grants programs, which includes an overview of our goals, guidelines, and online forms.
The Council gratefully acknowledges Penguin Books' donation of two titles for the new adult reading and discussion series "Our World Remade: World War I."

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Help the Council to bring stimulating lectures, exhibits, and reading and discussion groups to New Yorkers where they live and work.
September Roses tells the story of two African women who travel to New York City for a flower show and arrive on September 11, 2001. Strangers to the city, the women are shown kindness by a stranger, and later repay that kindness by creating a memorial to the fallen towers with their flowers. Order copies of Jeanette Winter's touching children's book today for your classroom, library, or home.
Find out about new positions at the Council and how to apply.